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The following components are available for foobar2000 1.3:

File name Size Date
foo_ac389.0 KB02-04-2017 06:32:41
foo_adpcm149.9 KB02-04-2017 06:32:44
Supports CRI ADX, my own BRR format based on Sony SPC-700 and PSX ADPCM, everything from in_cube (DSP, GCM, HPS, IDSP, SPT/SPD, MSS, ADP), EA MUS/ASF and MAP files, a host of formats from foo_okiapcm/libpcm (Circus-XPCM sample files (and also ADPCM files from the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night / Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight) (*.PCM), Konami-Gungage-XA sample files (*.8), KID-WAF sample files (*.WAF), BasiL-WPD sample files (*.WPD), TamaSoft-MPF sample files (*.MPF), StudioMiris-WDT sample files (*.WDT), Hayashigumi-KWF sample files (*.KWF), VisualArts-NWA sample files (*.NWA), jANIS-PX sample files (*.PX), CLOVER-BW sample files (*.BW)), RAC IMA-ADPCM files from Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity PC game, and XA ADPCM files from various games. Whew.
foo_dsp_multiresampler (signature)72.7 KB06-02-2017 01:45:17
foo_dsp_prvb86.6 KB02-04-2017 06:33:05
foo_dsp_soundtouch_source8.1 KB04-15-2006 04:55:36
foo_dsp_xpresampler71.3 KB02-04-2017 06:33:17
foo_dsp_xpresampler_source16.4 KB08-10-2012 06:32:12
foo_dumb (signature)400.2 KB10-09-2017 01:41:32
Plays your favorite module files, and then some. (MOD, S3M, XM, IT, STM, 669, PTM, PSM, MTM, DSM, ASYLUM AMF, UMX, J2B)
foo_gep (signature)2.3 MB08-14-2017 01:38:47
Plays GBS, GYM, HES, KSS, NSF, NSFE, SAP, SPC, and VGM files.
foo_hdcd132.0 KB02-04-2017 06:34:03
foo_input_adplug249.5 KB02-04-2017 06:34:13
foo_input_aopsf159.6 KB02-04-2017 06:34:23
foo_input_avs (signature)58.7 KB03-06-2017 05:47:57
foo_input_avs_source13.4 KB02-19-2012 20:22:31
foo_input_dsdiff82.3 KB02-04-2017 06:34:35
foo_input_dts240.5 KB02-04-2017 06:34:46
foo_input_gsf (signature)266.4 KB09-14-2017 11:25:49
foo_input_ht254.9 KB02-04-2017 06:35:09
foo_input_hvl84.6 KB02-04-2017 06:35:23
Plays Hively Tracker HVL and Abyss AHX files.
foo_input_kdm73.9 KB02-04-2017 06:35:33
foo_input_kdm_source10.4 KB02-19-2012 20:22:31
foo_input_ncsf186.1 KB02-04-2017 06:35:44
foo_input_org146.8 KB02-04-2017 06:35:57
foo_input_qsf137.2 KB02-04-2017 06:36:08
foo_input_spu76.2 KB09-07-2016 23:21:48
foo_input_syntrax (signature)84.4 KB03-02-2017 05:14:32
foo_input_tak178.0 KB06-21-2013 10:32:35
foo_input_tfmx65.4 KB12-14-2012 00:27:10
foo_input_tta121.5 KB12-30-2016 21:16:53
foo_input_usf (signature)217.2 KB10-30-2017 02:49:17
foo_input_vgmstream (signature)3.8 MB12-10-2017 01:47:48
foo_input_vio2sf171.5 KB02-04-2017 06:37:07
foo_lock57.1 KB02-04-2017 06:37:19
foo_lunar264.3 KB02-04-2017 06:37:30
foo_midi (signature)829.4 KB11-19-2017 22:53:33
foo_osd99.3 KB02-04-2017 06:37:59
foo_psf250.9 KB02-04-2017 06:38:11
foo_r128norm80.4 KB02-04-2017 06:38:21
foo_r128norm_source12.0 KB12-19-2011 06:11:43
foo_r128scan_source24.9 KB08-14-2011 01:40:50
foo_sid309.5 KB02-04-2017 06:57:50
foo_snesapu105.8 KB08-02-2015 00:44:53
foo_telnetd73.1 KB11-16-2016 01:17:46
foo_unpack_7z97.0 KB02-04-2017 06:38:43
foo_unpack_jma73.8 KB11-11-2013 05:27:27
foo_unpack_lha75.6 KB02-04-2017 06:38:49
foo_unpack_unix68.9 KB02-04-2017 06:38:53

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