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My name is Christopher Snowhill, or kode54, and I've been writing random software for as long as I've had computers with a programming language to tinker with.
I am the main developer of Cog, an audio player for macOS, and also an occasional contributor to various other free and open source projects, including the Linux kernel.

I've been tinkering with electronics and computers for most of my life, and I used to (semi-destructively) take things apart, but nowadays, I mostly only repair things as needed. I got my start on an Apple II+, and barely used a Commodore 64, and the IBM PC compatibles belonging to relatives. It would be years before I finally got a PC of my own and actually learned any productive use of programming languages for it.

These days, I'd say I'm fairly competent in C/C++, JavaScript, and maybe some PHP, and still have the faint memories of my early use of 6502 and 65816 assembly language.

I have made a number of minor contributions to various projects, including a number of console emulators, like ZSNES and Snes9X, and later higan. I have also contributed several patches to the Linux kernel, some of which are still useful today.

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Linux benefits outweighed my Windows experience again - March 31, 2024

Once again, my attempt to switch to Windows was met with annoyances. Sure, I find annoying nitpicks with every OS, but these ones really hit the nail into the coffin again.

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