And now I've installed the Zero theme

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Now my blogs are unified, sort of. They're now 100% identical, except for the logo images, the names, and the content. Woot.

Hello and welcome to modern dental care

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I went to the dentist for my twice yearly checkup again, and this time, I had a popped filling, possibly one from my previous dentist from over 10 years ago. And after the checkup, and the report of watching the same teeth as last time, no new full cavities, but I do have to wait over a month until I can go back in and get this missing filling taken care of. Oh, and a chipped tooth as well, joy!

Kevin, Kevin, therefore thou art Kevin

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KDDLB is love, KDDLB is life.

He is already making decisions for me, some what. I have moved some of my Internet hosting to DigitalOcean under his referral code, and will move my Windows stuff if/when that licensing is ever taken care of.

I'll also have to see about getting his chubby ass into the States so we can have some fun together, finally meet in person.

I am in a ~relationship~ now :3

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I have a boyfriend, and he's just the sweetest. May our love endure until we can finally meet in person or something. :3

Big Fish, hah.

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But their ads are still amusing. Like this one: