I worked with the foobar2000 author and his friends for many years, and at some times, did notice some things that put me off, but tried to ignore them, and sometimes incorrectly adopted bad behaviors. Friends I'd known for years had known this the whole time, but the foobar2000 author is somewhat of a bigot, and racist or sick jokes flew fine on IRC. I finally decided the last straw was when he outright used the n-word to refer to a robocaller who had dialed him awake at 5:30 am. Understandably annoying, but that's not an appropriate behavior. I kind of drifted away from their community after these different things happening.

Flash forward to more recently, and someone I used to know messaged me privately on IRC, asking why I'm not living up to my full potential and coding like a mad man any more. He wanted to get me back into working with foobar2000 plugins, mainly because there was a recent trend to a new 64 bit Windows beta, including ARM64. Started laying on the flattery really thick, saying he maintains a huge Android app that millions of people use, but pales in comparison to me.

Then he said the kicker: "They tell me you've gone LGBTQ+." Gone? I've always been. Mostly being in the presence of such people kept me from realizing it myself. Bunch of techbros. "Just be yourself. You don't need a movement," he said. I terminated the conversation and put him on ignore, deciding once and for all to terminate any plans I may have had of resuming foobar2000 component development.

After I published the first notice of this happening, Peter contacted me directly, both on Skype, where I persisted in ignoring Skype completely, and eventually on Steam. He apparently removed me as a friend, because the message was held back due to coming from an unknown contact, and I had to allow it to even see it. He laid it on pretty thick about my accusations, and said it was all "choice IRC quotes" and how many more would I like to use?

Then I finally felt like checking the previous Skype messages. The message preview said something about a 'now-deceased emulator author'. I wished I hadn't even seen that much. I hastily cleaned that all up. I don't need this crap.