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New Year. New Hardware. New Problems.

March 9, 2024

It's a quarter of the way into the new year already. I've gotten some new hardware with help from my parents. And speaking of parents, my dad's in a bad way.

Well, let's get right into the thick of things. My dad has been having trouble with his heart for quite a while now, and as of last October, he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis. They kept putting off surgery and treatment for it for a long time. Bouncing in and out of the hospital repeatedly, and even having a catheter almost permanently due to prostate issues.

Finally, in February, my dad was hospitalized because he was once again having trouble breathing. They finally performed the transcatheter aortic valve replacement surgery on the 9th of February, after which he apparently suffered a minor stroke. He's been losing his mental faculties bit by bit ever since.

Now he's in an assisted living facility, for however long they'll have him. He apparently isn't aware of a whole lot, and can't even tell what time it is, or what to call the food they bring him. He can barely figure out how to answer his cell phone to respond to us calling him, and can't really figure out how to command the thing to call out to us. Half the time, he either randomly text messages one of us, or sends an email or MMS. Once, he even made a FaceTime video call instead of a phone call, during which he spent it with the phone up to his ear because he couldn't otherwise hear us, since he doesn't have his hearing aids.

He seems to be alive and passing his time to the best of his ability, though. Not sure how long he'll be allowed to stay there, or how much his insurance will cover it.


In happier news, though, I've managed to gradually chimera upgrade my PC desktop from its original emergency build state to its final original state before it finally became something totally different. Naturally, none of the funds for these upgrades came from the Mac replacement fund.

I could also use a little help with our budget this month, so any funds you could send to us would be helpful. Either to my PayPal or Kevin's PayPal, whichever you prefer, either/or will reach us. We just need about $40-60 USD. I will post an update when we clear this hurdle.


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