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Mac Fundraiser, mutual aid needed

December 12, 2023

I have launched a GoFundMe to help me raise money for a new M2 Mac mini. If I can reach an extended goal, I desire an M2 Pro model.

Back in 2021, I purchased my first Apple silicon Mac, an M1 Mac mini, with a tight 256GB of storage, but also with 16GB of RAM. This served me well for well over two years, though I occasionally switched machines and "took a break" from Mac development for a while now and then.

A couple of months ago, I gave my M1 Mac mini to my dad, to replace the aging 2013 21.9" iMac that I bought him in 2014 for Christmas that year. The original iMac also served him well for many years, though had long since lapsed in updates. While I had originally attempted to keep up with OpenCore Legacy Patcher on both his and my old Mac at the time, it became too annoying dealing with constant update issues, as I had to dance around every time, waiting for notice of whether the newest point release would be supported yet. Never mind that it still had bugs specific to some of these devices. So I had reinstalled the last supported release on his machine.

It was high time he finally got an update, and we had originally agreed I would give him my old Mac, and would eventually buy a replacement Mac in the future. That replacement hasn't happened yet, and I think I've asked for enough this holiday season, as he's already gotten me a new M1 iPad Air, but that won't do me any good for Mac development and testing.

I still have my 2014 Macbook Pro, but again, that won't do me any good for Apple silicon testing, and is already stuck back on macOS 11 "Big Sur". Thus, the fundraiser for a new machine.

I am seeking $1000 USD minimum, for the base model M2 Mac mini with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. If everyone is feeling generous, or if I just hold on to the money for a while, I would like to raise $300 USD on top of that, to purchase the M2 Pro model.

I will have significantly more funds available to me each month, but only starting in June. Any help you can send my way is highly appreciated.

The fundraiser is here. Happy Holidays, everyone, whichever you may be celebrating this season.


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