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Cog on hiatus, no Apple silicon Mac on hand

November 3, 2023

I am putting Cog on hiatus for an undeterminable amount of time, at least a few months, maybe longer. I have given my M1 Mac mini to my dad to replace his aging Intel iMac, and will only have my Intel MacBook Pro on hand, and it will not be sufficient for fully developing or testing Cog, or any other modern app, as it is stuck on Big Sur.

As I have given my dad my Mac mini, and will not be using it myself unless I am performing a task for him, I will not have access to Apple silicon hardware to test and develop on. I hope to be able to acquire a newer M2 Mac mini in the near future, or possibly an M3 if they refresh the rest of their lineup soon enough.

I am taking this as a cue to put the project on temporary hold. You may put your Patreon contributions on hold as well, if you see fit for now. This is hopefully temporary.

I have also recently acquired a new processor for my PC, an AMD Ryzen 7 5700X, and now can run my RAM at its proper 3000 MT/s clock speed, so that's something.

I haven't really been doing major development work on it, though. Mostly just minor contributions to other people's projects that I happen to use.

I mostly run Arch Linux on it, and backed up and deleted my Windows installation to make room for more fast access data, currently just a bunch of my games and most of my installed Steam library. I run the Wayfire compositor, which is based on the wlroots library, and maintain an AUR package for Wayfire that both tracks the recent upstream wlroots, and also includes the HiDPI xprop patch set, to be used with xorg-xwayland-hidpi-xprop and setting your scale factor with xprop. This is kind of a lot of crap, but it works for me, and may work for others.

I hope everyone can continue to make use of Cog as it is now, while I'm more officially taking a break and working on other things.


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