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March 25, 2004
There hasn't been enough planning or thinking ahead in my life… too many impulse decisions. Throw in compulsive intarweb usage, (follow topics on several message boards, check a dozen or so random sites for updates, use IRC …. all day.) kills my sleeping habits. The only time I seem to a regular sleep cycle is when I am on a family vacation, away from the PC.

Damn you, addicting Internet. … Oh wait, that's not right. I spent hours on computers years before I had Internet access.

Bleh, I even have hundreds of downloaded games, at least a dozen of which are interesting. Lots of classics I have played, but haven't beaten yet. Some that I have already beaten, and wouldn't mind playing again… but I can't tear myself away from the damn IRC window and/or web browser long enough to play them.

Every once in a while, something good comes along, such as Metroid: Zero Mission, or Deus Ex: Invisible War… but that doesn't seem to happen often enough.

Then, I am drawn back to this so-called routine.


Oh, and did I mention that I'm an attention whore? … or something.

I need a life… but it's soooooo easy to just keep on doing the same old routine, especially since nobody is really forcing me to go to school or get a job…

Oh yeah, and I got a new PC. Basically, this list of parts, which I then assembled myself. The CPU arrived in its own box, but it came loose from its container in shipment and all the outer rows of pins were kind of mashed down. It took me 30 minutes of careful straightening, and eventually using a fake credit card I saved from some junk mail I got months ago, and carefully pressing it into the socket to get it seated.

Oi, did I mention that I'm a bit spoiled for an unemployed 22-year-old?


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