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April 2, 2017

It came to my attention some months after I put it back into service, that my Retina 5k iMac had some stuck pixels. And by stuck pixels, I mean a whole shitload of them:

Stuck pixels galore

See those faint glowing expanses in the far right corner of the screen? That’s not dust, this screen is sealed to the glass panel. It’s a mess of stuck bright pixels.

I took it into the shop Thursday, and the next day, the shop called and said they couldn’t find anything wrong. I told Gregg to run a black screen and look again, but he called later to report he still could not find anything.

So I sent him that picture again, with the pixels circled, and he said he could see them in the picture, but not on the monitor. Then it occurred to him to clean my apparent fingerprint smudges off the glass, probably left when I was packaging it up. He spotted the mess of pixels with a magnifying glass, and was blown away by how many of them there were.

So, he’s set about ordering a replacement screen and installing it, then will get back to me as early as Monday with the results.

Meanwhile, I am on my Windows machine, which is different now, but I’ll outline that in another post.


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