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April 12, 2002


Happy reading.

It seems the Win32 LJ clients from v1.3.8 on are now illegal because it turns out the guy who was maintaining it is an arrogant prick and has decided to "retract" his license, so everyone will be transitioned back to the ancient client versions.

Yeah, right.

I'll continue to use this client, v1.4.7beta, until I can acquire a copy of 's client, which is the apparent cause of 's little fit. Some sort of license violation because of the stupid spell checking engine. Whoopdeefuckingdo. I'll see about hosting a copy of the final distro of Semagic on my webspace, and perhaps see if anyone has the source to something so I can build and distribute something with free spell checking. If not, I don't really give a shit of the repercussions of distributing a binary-only release of some GPL software, linked against an unlicensed copy of some commercial software. Copyright law be damned.


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