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Warning: This is a really old blog backup, and a lot of my attitudes weren't realy that great back then. I've changed significantly since then, so some of the things I may have said back then were somewhat problematic. Try not to think too poorly of me reading this old mess.

And now I’ve installed the Zero theme - December 21, 2015

Now my blogs are unified, sort of. They’re now 100% identical, except for the logo images, the names, and the content. Woot.

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Hello and welcome to modern dental care - November 24, 2015

I went to the dentist for my twice yearly checkup again, and this time, I had a popped filling, possibly one from my previous dentist from over 10 years ago. And after the checkup, and the report of watching the same teeth as last time, no new full cavities, but I do have to wait over a month until I can go back in and get this missing filling taken care of. Oh, and a chipped tooth as well, joy!

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Kevin, Kevin, therefore thou art Kevin - November 18, 2015

KDDLB is love, KDDLB is life.

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I am in a ~relationship~ now :3 - November 13, 2015

I have a boyfriend, and he’s just the sweetest. May our love endure until we can finally meet in person or something. :3

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Big Fish, hah. - November 5, 2015

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Now that I’ve migrated, let’s document a setup process - November 2, 2015

I’ve been setting up these servers numerous times, and I’ve had to install the same crap repeatedly. The fun part is building it into a regular process.

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Two down, one to go… - November 2, 2015

I’ve migrated two of my servers to my host’s new SSD plans, now I just need to migrate the last one, the GitLab instance. A simple GitLab shutdown, backup image, transfer, install, restore, and I’ll be done.

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.vimrc and interrupted ssh can lead to problems, requiring terminal reset - November 2, 2015

I discovered something neat today. I have the following script in my .vimrc for all of my shells, as well as my local machine:

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Meet my new blerg - November 1, 2015

Welp, everybody, here’s the new blergh! Isn’t it swell? Oh, exploitable!

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