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April 9, 2002

Wow, what a freaky and disgusting dream.

For some reason, I ended up tracking through some sort of school or other building with an insane level of security or traps or wtf.. at least for normal office building. After winding through a few side paths to disable some sort of entrance security, I made it out of the building.

I somehow ended up at the riverbank home of some redneck psycho who was apparently ready to kill his entire inbed family. For some reason, I was just sitting there watching them roll by as the saws split them two by two… and for the life of me I can't remember seeing a movie where this happens, but I saw it, quite detailed…

And then I'm outside of it, watching it as a disgusting R-rated movie on my TV, and my mom walks in and say something about it, probably how disgusting it is. Suddenly I'm back in the movie, apparently I was either there to rescue someone, or kill his nut before he got to anyone else.

Then I got the notion that I need to get the hell out of there, and I started running out into the streets, dodging behind cars … wtf was this doing here just outside a floating riverbank redneck compound?? Dodging cars until I came to a chain link fence, and a wooden stairway/platform with a railing I could use to vault the fence into the snow beyond … again, wtf. I remember this part was somewhere else in the dream, but I forget now … and snow does not make sense with the swamp-like environment redneck psycho's pier structure was rising out of or floating on or wtf.

As I'm trying to climb the fence, psycho catches up and yanks me down. Then he pulls out a derringer and aims it right at me, grinning like the maniac he is. I grab the pistol while he still has it and turn it or his hands toward his face or chest, and struggle with him to as he tries to aim back at me.. I manage to get him to shoot himself, and leave him there.

I walk away for him for unknown reasons or for an unknown amount of time, and he somehow uses his last strength to grab me, hold the gun to my right side, and fire three shots in slow succession. And I felt pain there in the dream, even though I've never been shot or stabbed or anything vicious like that. Probably doesn't matter though.

Anyway, that's about when I awoke.


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