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July 13, 2002

Yeah, it's been months since I posted….

Okay, so I seem to be in this building, and these unknown people are about to go to sleep or something, and they go off to rooms to change for bed, and they come out, each dressed in a different mouse costume… which is quite odd sleepwear. For some reason, I end up following amidst them, while they march off to somewhere, and one of them pulls me aside and asks me to take his place, no idea why, and suddenly I'm following the others, dressed in the costume. At some point, they find out and I don't know if they're asking me where he went, or what.

Who knows, but somehow I ended up at a theater or some other place, with Will Smith, and we end up meeting Chris Rock, who is wearing a formal suit, but of some freaky design, which I can't really describe now, nor can I think of why I was there or even thinking of the persons involved. Maybe the session of ID4 on the 4th, which was over a week ago, but no idea why Chris Rock popped into my head… bleh.

I forget other spots of it. Sucks, I seem to only have these odd and/or slightly memorable dreams when I'm awake for too long then finally grab sleep. In this last case, up for almost 36 hours, then I slept for 12. Ehh, whatever.

In other news, I was tinkering with ZSNES to dump SPC files with real time port logging, to grab those hard-to-log SPC files that involve data exchange after the song starts. Most attempts have failed…I still haven't hit upon the right time reference to base the log upon, or the right method of playback.


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