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February 14, 2013

I swear. Really. I’m totally not a basement dweller. My house doesn’t even have a basement. Oh, look, a bird in the yard. Hello, Mr. Bird. Tweet, tweet.

So, anyone have any inspirational ideas I can start coding on, that you think will actually sound interesting to me, and I’ll actually be likely to start and finish? I have Squarepusher/twinaphex of the RetroArch project asking for help with the sound code in their nxengine / Cave Story implementation, and I also tried to take on implementing a Joystick 2 object for the Anaconda runtime, and even at one point, I had the inspiration to take the fmmidi midisynth.cpp and turn it into a DLS/SF2 sample synthesizer with full reverb support, which sounds like a fun project.

Meanwhile, in the gaming department, I want to pick up Borderlands 2 again and rebuild my favorite and only completed character, Gaige, to be like this, and see if it makes playing the True Vault Hunter Mode more than just a boring slog through too-hard enemies, in the same game I just played through most of the way several times with different characters before I settled on this character. It really is more fun with more people, but there never is a time when everyone I know will be on to play it, and the one person I spent the most Borderlands series time playing with is waiting to buy Borderlands 2 when the game comes bundled with all the DLC for some cheap price in some sort of Game of the Year edition, rather than plonking down $90 on the whole lot like I did.

I also need to pick up Brutal Doom again, it is pretty fun. Of course, as I start to get killed, I start to abuse save files. Of course, Brutal Doom did pleasantly surprise me by restarting me on the level with the same equipment and health as I started it with, instead of doing like regular Doom would and starting me with nothing. I kind of would like to broadcast it as well, but it seems there’s precious damn little good software for Linux to do that. Cursed Windows bias on the market.

I also bought an ebook reader, namely the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, which is basically just $20 more for a Nook Simple Touch that has a front lighting system. I’ve heard from my brother, who got one for Christmas, that with regular use of the device, and irregular use of the light, he managed to make his first charge last about a month. Not bad. Then I can buy all those books I was either too embarrassed to buy in print form, too unsure to go browsing for myself, or too unsure to pay for without at least reading a few chapters first, all with the convenience of instant electronic payment and near instant reception of the goods. Maybe it will even arrive today so I can start reading again, free of the distraction of email, IRC, and IM notifications, the urge to look things up in my web browser, and all that other good stuff that comes from sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time.


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