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first online chatting experience..bleh

April 9, 2002

Crappy Crappy Crappy crap…. Well, I had most of this selected in another window, but apparently I hit delete instead of cut.

Anyway, here I write of my first online chatting experience.

Yeah, most probably hit IRC or something, I hit an online school.

This is the school's web page.

Yeah, I was enrolled there for most of a school year, and that was the first time I had internet access. The enrollment was kind of forced by me being a lamer and hacking with my computer instead of doing much of my work, eventually getting booted from Independent Study. Blergh.

So, parents had to get dial-up internet access so I could connect to the school's network for the classes. Basically, classes were in a text terminal where I chatted with the teacher and other students in real time, and received assignments to be completed electronically and e-mailed back. Though it turned out that much of the work dealt with textbooks and had to be hand written or printed anyway, for the school to forward to the district to prove they are doing something to earn that state funding.

Between classes, there was also a recreational chat area where students could waste their daily time allotment to discuss random crap. Even rec chat was moderated at all times, where you could be booted from the chat, or even the system itself, for swearing. Blah.

Around some months later, I don't remember how, I ended up getting mIRC from TeleKawaru, I dunno how that originally came about… that, and someone else enrolled in the school got me connecting to various IRC networks, including EFnet. I got hooked on chatting on IRC, even during the classes. As if offline tinkering wasn't bad enough, I slacked behind and ended up dropping out of their school as well.

I had only two options at that point; continuation school or GED. Yeah, I took the latter.

For more history, I was in IS from 4th until end of 6th grade. Then I was enrolled in public middle school, which royally sucked, social-wise and later grade-wise. I made a few friends, including some of my teachers. I had this weird thing with my history teacher and making various Rush Limbaugh banners and crap, which were promptly torn down by the students in another class that shares that room. Bleh, side-tracking.

Anyway, that kind-of failed, since in my second trimester, I was neglecting my work in favor of tweaking with an old Apple ][GS computer, that had all of the bare options, and no modem. Yet I tweaked out BASIC and assembly crap instead of doing my school work.

Jumped back to IS for 8th until about 10th grade. I started getting back for 8th, passed in time, and started 9th and started meeting at a different campus. Oh, and the computer and/or TV started creeping in more and more. My bad exercise habits come from attempting PE by doing the exercise video I'd been passing with, but switching to TV while the tape played, usually performing memorized portions of the tape that I was skipping while watching TV. Yeah. Suck.

Then I was still in 9th grade after the first school year, then barely passed into 10th at the end of the first semester. After the second year, I was only half-way through 10th grade, and was given the boot.

I made 11th by the end of the first semester in the online school, but started to slip bad and got the boot from there as well. Though they did help me get partially on track with PE, as they required a card signed by a gym or other physical training instructor as well as parent for each session, so I was taking karate courses.

My dad eventually signed up with the studio as well, etc etc…. Though it was rather expensive. After I took my GED, I no longer needed to take the classes, but continued for a while anyway. Eventually, it became too expensive and I had to drop it. My dad later dropped it as well, for the same reason…

Wow, that got off topic. Or diverged into more topics.

PS… WTF.. for some reason, where GED first appears in this post, I typed GTA….. O_o


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