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October 27, 2012

So, I’m back to staying awake for too damn long on random “days.” I woke up early in the morning on Thursday, then stayed awake until Friday morning, where I finally ate my dinner from the night before and took my evening medication, which is one of the things that usually makes me sleepy. Then I stayed up a few more hours, then flopped on top of my bed covers until around 2:30 PM, at which point I caught the last 10 minutes of the second episode of Judge Judy that my mom was watching with her lunch. Then we watched part of The People’s Court, after which we all had to go to a doctor’s appointment. Even though I was called in, and scheduled for the appointment, they didn’t take my vitals, only gave me a form so I can go have my blood drawn for my twice yearly testing. It’s actually been more than six months by now. And the best part is, since I’m now on IEHP instead of Medicaid, I have to go to a different testing facility that doesn’t do appointments and wait in line with all the other poor shmucks who are receiving government aid.

Welp, after about 3 hours, we finally cleared out of there, stopped by 7-Eleven for some Slurpees, which I paid for, and headed home and ate dinner, which was delicious pot roast. After dinner, I headed for my computer as usual, and only managed to spend half an hour or so on it before my concentration started to lapse. So I closed my door and flopped on my bed in my clothes for about 10 hours, at which point I woke to hear my brother still conversing over voice chat with someone, and vaguely remembered that I had woken in time to cash in one of those Borderlands 2 SHiFT codes, but then went back to sleep for another four hours.

After I finally dragged my ass out of bed, I headed into the kitchen and took my last morning vitamin/prescription mix before I have to refill the container, noting that it was Friday’s compartment, which I forgot to take yesterday. Ate a bowl of Kirkland Raisin Bran, which I find to be much better than Post’s, drank a glass of juice, read a bit of the business section of the newspaper, then headed to my room and waited for the bathroom so I could shower.

Showered, noticed that my deodorant soap, which I only apply to my hands once after washing my hair and face for cleaning certain areas, was bearing several body hairs, including a white hair. Yup, looks like my dad wants to start using deodorant soap again, and completely forgot why we already have separate Dove bars in the shower. With that cleared up, he unpacked a new bar from the Costco bulk soap package in the hall closet, and all was right with the world again.

Then, excepting my brother, who was still asleep, we went to the Rite-Aid pharmacy to drop off my mom’s new prescription for antibiotics, where we discovered they only had two people on staff and a line of five people waiting to drop off their prescriptions. The entire process took 45 minutes, and it only sped up because the one person who was holding up the entire line finally gave up and took his script elsewhere. I mean, damn, the two people behind the counter were talking with each other during the process as if they couldn’t figure out what to do with the guy, or perhaps they smelled counterfeit and were just trying to delay him until he gave up, but who knows?

Also during that wait, my dad became overly frustrated by the whole experience, so we abandoned my mom and wandered out, where I suggested we head to Starbucks. Instead, he wanted to try something different, so we settled on Jammin’ Bread instead, and bought mugs of half-caffeine coffee and bags of Miss Vickie’s kettle chips. He chose barbecue and I went with sea salt and vinegar. We sat there for a while and talked about nothing in particular while eating the chips and drinking our coffee, which we wrapped up by listing off the nutritional information and ingredients in the chips.

When we finally returned to the Rite-Aid line, the line had been reduced to the woman who was in front of my mom, and my mom. That woman had told my mom that she was waiting for replacements for all of her prescriptions, as she was on vacation and someone stole her bag, containing all of her prescriptions. What a drag.

After that lengthy diversion, we returned home to find my brother still asleep with his door shut and locked. I solved that problem by knocking loudly on his door, which caused him to open it immediately, but continue to lay in bed for another few minutes, until we told him he  either had to get ready to go right away, or stay home. So then we waited another ten minutes for him to shower and get dressed, and left for Costco Wholesale in Moreno Valley.

I love Costco. What a great store. And we buy so much crap there on our bi-weekly trips, the Executive Membership pays for itself every year. Of course, my mom refused to stay with us and eat something, so it was just the three of us waiting at the food lines. My dad had three quarters of a chicken bake, my brother had a hot dog and the other quarter of the chicken bake, and I had a slice of combo pizza. Did I mention that I love their pizza as well? I eat it New York style, folding the slice in half and holding it tilted up at an angle.

Well, after we ate, we wandered the store to find my mom. I found her first, then discovered that my brother left his phone at home, and my dad’s phone was somehow set on vibrate, even though he can’t actually detect the vibrating, so it went to voice mail. He finally called me, though, and it went through, so I told him where I was. Then we finished off most of the shopping list, and I went off to the dairy refrigerator to retrieve some milk. I called to ask if I should get 1% or 2%, since I noticed they now stock 1%, but was told to grab 2%. Then I circled around to the front of the store, near the entrance, and then back down the opposite main aisle again, before I discovered that they had followed me all the way to the quadrant of the store near the refrigerator. Great.

Then we headed towards the front, I broke off to pick up some chocolate and almond covered toffee squares, we checked out, headed out into the parking lot, and loaded up the car. Then I called the pharmacy to see if the prescriptions were waiting for us, while we drove home. We stopped at Starbucks and picked up some iced drinks from the drive-through line, which was actually open this week (a landscaper was blocking it to trim the trees last week), and then we returned home with our groceries and drinks in tow.

And now this has turned into one of Vernon Tripe‘s stories.


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