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idiot inciting forum flooding

July 15, 2002

y0 community said this:


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I would like all of you to go to this link tonight:

Get an account. Confirm it in your email.

Go to the forum and post this message over and over:

[img src=]

Of course, the ] and the [ must be > and <, respectively.

If you have any questions, contact me on AIM. My name is XELOCS.

This is just a small step in a large project intended to annoy people. Our next target will be the ever popular Counter-Strike forums and Megatokyo forum.

Mind you, these are small things. Nothing big. But if we can make one person frown out of one million hassled, we have succeeded.


If you cannot tolerate fools, how can you tolerate yourselves?

y0 community said this:

Mission #1 Continued-

Apparently they got you within four posts. Note this message they posted at the top of their board:

Pink chan: Heeey y0-sters! Thanks for wasting five minutes of your life to make five posts. =D We'll be tossing them around in the Playroom and sensually licking your cheese. Hope you don't mind. *someone pushes a wheelbarrow full of firecrackers, a toaster, and a sheep behind her* *gets out her cowprod, tobasco sauce, and a curling iron* X3 w00t! *runs off*
By the way, if you're going to spam, you can do better than that. O.o That was pathetic. You're going to get TOTALED on the MegaTokyo board if some stupid yoshis like us can kick your ass. XD

Yoshi6400: Well, the IPs aren't banned… Yet. (They're on my blacklist.txt file though) I'll wait for the new EZboard version where I can search up users from IPs. Also, I remove that pic to give more room to all the Admin messages.

Honestly they are testing our patience. Your ip's are not banned, however do not make any further attempts just yet. We need to assemble in an A.I.M. chat at a time I will give approximately sometime Saturday at 2400 hours, I'll give the time zone later today.

She says we can do a better job, well we can. She's being a bitch and now We need as many people giving our message all at the board at one time when no one is there.

Yoshi6400: These robot*sig people are slow, with simple content, and little effort (even for Spammers).

It seems that our enemies have taken this as jokes. I will soon be getting the programs, after this we move to the Counter-Strike forums.


y0 community said this:

They can see what we are up to.

Since when is an open LiveJournal considered a private forum?


Blah, I was going to raz him with this, but instead I will ridicule him in privacy with other close friends.


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