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March 22, 2002

Haven''t done this in monts….

Woke up after some sort of wacky dream… involving a little girl or sister or some sort of relative, and I was protecting her from evil master robots from Megaman universe… ooohkay. Then after several of those, I'm in some sort of arctic cold area, with freezing water around me, its like we're camped there, and for some reason, she's flying around me, overjoyed. And I'm sitting there, drinking a can of Coke. Who knows why, I splash her with it, and she gets really mad and starts mimicking the boss robots, attacking me… I was thinking it was some sort of pattern I had to follow to defeat this thing, but after waking up, I think maybe she was defending herself from me… now I wonder wtf I even splashed Coke on her.

Hmmmmm…. Megaman and anime with little fairies on the brain….. and sleeping after another stretch of 24 solid hours awake… Make of it what you will.

Sending this out now before I end up erasing it or something.


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