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August 27, 2001

Meant to post this this morning, but LJ was down most of the day… posted to intended time… Anyway, here goes:

lets type the fun you can have during and after a run of 17 hours of sleep!

(going to sleep around 3pm on sunday and waking at about 7:45am monday)

dreams with weird stuff… some i forget now, others like some bizarre comic i "read" in the dream, like some jumpstart based thing ….

first panel was like one of the kids facing away, with what looks like some older woman's head captioned like "i was born with my mother's head" and a panel or so along, her facing readers, with longer neck and with a head more her age, but still weird looking "but then I bought megaman's head!" (WTF!) or something else odd… i forget the rest now oO

Oh yeah, and I remember now …. lots of parts before that…. For some reason I was carrying some sort of outdoor air conditioner compressor unit around…. while the fan was still blowing o_O …. and later it was starting to fall apart or what, and people were looking at me or smth ….


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