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August 19, 2001

Bleh bleh BLEH!!!

All that crap I said, but I will leave it up for people to see anyway.

I understand this piracy of newly released games. It is bad to business, it can be quite pointless, but to those programming it, and/or those involved in it, it is a technological advance. Quite often a learning experience. But too often people forget who it may affect. They do not stop and think whether they should. I am not saying I am against emulation, of new systems or old, or condoning to it either. I am simply saying that it depends on a point of view.

I am not so sure whether emulators themselves or the WAREZ KIDDIE rush and the spread of "R0Mz" are the worst aspect of nextgen system emulation. They both play a part in it, but one cannot exist without the other. Although I suppose if the emulation somehow by some rare miracle that emulation of nextgen existed without all the lamers spreading roms, it might not actually draw so much hate toward emulation.

I myself have used nextgen emulation, but not to the extent that many have. When I first started, I got a copy of Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, a game my little brother owns along with his Nintendo 64 system. The main reason I finally broke down and decided to download it over my then 56k dialup connection was for the screwed up reason of ripping samples from it with SRIP (utility for extracting sample blocks from N64 ROM images) and perhaps seeing how well it ran in UltraHLE. I had no real need to get it because I already had ready access to the real thing.

I later downloaded other titles also to investigate their emulated quality, much like a technology test. Others I downloaded to render their output to WAV and to MP3 or other formats to have perfectly clean copies of the soundtracks. None to actually play them. Even my parents' PIII 733MHz system is not powerful enough to emulate these playably. If I had the money to buy such a system, I could more than afford my own new copies of all of the games I desire.

The only N64 ROM images I have but do not own the games for are:

Chameleon Twist (wanted mainly for soundtrack)

Duke Nukem 64 (wanted to see what it looked like; already have PC version of the original anyway)

Kirby 64 – The Crystal Shards (soundtrack again)

Mystical Ninja – Starring Goemon (sountrack)

Turok – Dinosaur Hunter (Did I mention I like game music a lot?)

And the few backup images I have compared to the games I own or indirectly own (little brother owns):

Goldeneye 007 (game I got for the same Christmas he got the system on; downloaded for soundtrack, plus my dad doesn't like me playing this one too much XD … not terribly playable on that above mentioned computer … runs maybe 2/3 speed, and in the accurate mode that I use to render the soundtrack, about 1/4-1/3 speed)

Super Mario 64 (brother got this with his system that year, downloaded mainly for soundtrack and that it's the most widely supported game … never really played it in emulator since I already got bored of it after beating it with all 120 stars on the real system)

And unrelated:

3Ds Model Conversion – by Snake (PD – Public Domain)

As for the other nextgen systems, emulation can take a hike, it should wait a few years or so until the system dies a natural death. (or unnatural after Sony kills it XD) GBA, wtf is the point of emulating it right now? I emulate game boy now because it is old and many of the classics are no longer available or convenient, plus I'm lazy to go shopping and can't afford every single game I want. Since I do not have a job and have yet to have one, I guess I do not perfectly understand doing without when I can have something I cannot afford for free, especially when it is something that is no longer on the market.

GBA emulation …. bleh, it's a portable, I'll kindly BUY my own GBA or wait until someone else does for me as a gift… whatever. VGBA … w00t, Mugrat scores again with another in his line of SHAREWARE emulators. Which, much like the games that it is probably being used to play, gets pirated like mad. I do not condone to that, simply because I am not that bent up for games that I have to stiff a fresh market to play some fresh meat.

PSX emulation, I might see to not doing that, but the system is nearly toast, even if it has lasted longer than N64. Emulators do not really play a role in killing sales of the games here, or the system for that matter. All this time after the Connectix vs Sony trials and whatnot, allowing for software to mature, emulators of PSX are still not perfect. The only true perfect way to play a PSX game is with a real system. And with a cheap modification, one can play imports and pirates just as plain as regular legit games on that real system, even the newest PSone model. Piracy of PSX games can thrive with or without emulation, and the real professionals can stamp out pirate copies that do not even need the mod, just as professionals stamp out thousands upon thousands of audio CD's each month/year/whatever.

DC emulation, I have not heard of. I have heard of SNES9x ported TO the DC, Linux distro and how to get it burned and booting on DC, etc. I perhaps have heard of a setup to emulate the real GD-ROMs through a PC, but never emulation of the system itself in a computer. I am of the belief that the real reason the DC died is because A) Sega started going downhill with the Saturn, and B) Sony and their PS2 stole all of the business and developers.

That is about it for my nextgen emulation talk. I guess….

Mostly the only emulation I use these days is of SNES, the SNES's sound core- the SPC700. Oh, and some NES sound core chips and the Adlib chip for some good ol' fashioned chip-tunes.

I also cannot be counted amongst the lamers who flamed the ZSNES team for Star Ocean support. Pity, these are probably the majority of emulation users, the type who pirate every damn game either to brag, or just to put up on webpages for others to download. Even a friend I know from the Aurorium asked about putting SNES ROMs up on his webpage, which I suggested he avoid.

I had mentioned I was going to download Perfect Dark, but I think I shall wait until I can find a place that has a second-hand copy. That, and BFD, since it looks like it kicks much ass. But my parents would probably skin me alive, even if I am 19. Their house, their rules.


*end RAMBLE*

You can go back to your life now.


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