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August 19, 2001

Ooooohhh! Schroe blocked me on AIM because I mentioned …. EMULATION *ominous thunderclap*


So what if I emulate game systems simply because I'd rather have the bloody games on my computer than do without! NO I DO NOT HAVE AN INCOME! Unless bloody $5 a week counts, and I'm not the type that can be arsed to get a damn job.

EDIT: Here's how I got all my elite stuff…

Computer: given to me by a friend

Money for CPU upgrade so long ago: Christmas gift from parents

Memory upgrades: purchased by parents

New SB Live! X-Gamer 5.1: about $40 paid for by parents, on loan, now paid off

New Monitor: paid for by parents

Gameboy: hand-me-down from cousins

NES, original design: Christmas present, probably at least a year after SNES debuted

NES, new design: Christmas maybe the next year

SNES, purpleish tone case: Christmas next year (I think)

And access to the following:

GBC: Not mine, my brother's πŸ˜›

PSone: also my brother's

Computer, more modern than mine: Parents'

Cable Internet connection, email box, web space: Also paid for by parents

I'm kinda spoiled, and kinda weird.

Figure this out: I'll help ElectricYoshi and probably others out with HTML coding problems, but I won't get off my ass to update my own damn webpage XD

EDIT EDIT: I also have trouble seeing the total point of capitalism but that's just me. When I do something, even if it takes me hours, it either just sits on my hard drive, or I just give it out. Of course, most of this crap only took me several hours per project to finish, and I don't really care if anyone finds it useful, but the money …. bleh, screw money. I like the idea of Star Trek where they have no money ^_^ …. but that's only a fantasy :/

Am I communist? Hell if I know … I am just some antisocial freak who never gets anything done due to spending 8+ hours a day surfing the internet, chatting on IRC, and watching TV. And most of the time I don't really care either. Too many "normal" people are what cause me to think about why it is so bad.


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