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psychologist sucks

August 2, 2001


~got 2 hours of sleep… bleh~

~went to psych appointment again to finish up eval~

~psych basically lied n stuff, like telling me he was arranged because parents wanted me to get a job and get the hell…~

~psych said if parents cut me off I'm "fucked"~

~even suggested getting a pickup like his so i dont need a dwelling, just camp in the bed of the truck o_O~

~bus ride was uneventful… same ranty lady was there again~

~listening to odd game muzik~

~hacking with the code to the player that's spitting out the muzik for odd reasons~

~yes i am a ereet softwarez coder or something~

~bleh, our main TV b0rk, so its in the shop for the time being… damn, no midnight run~

~i think i'll dive in bed now, tired or smth~


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