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Warning: This is a really old blog backup, and a lot of my attitudes weren't realy that great back then. I've changed significantly since then, so some of the things I may have said back then were somewhat problematic. Try not to think too poorly of me reading this old mess.

Refreshing new components page - September 25, 2018

It was time for a refresh to match the new style.

Thanks to Kevin, I now have a components site on my server to match the style of the blog. Maybe other parts of the site can come eventually?

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New blag again - September 21, 2018

Welp, I've migrated to Hugo now!

After moments of migration, and hours of editing, I've migrated to a new blog engine: Hugo. Now the entire blog is statically generated, with some client side scripts.

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Regarding foo_openmpt fork and the new foo_openmpt54 - January 29, 2018

It was never my intention to force users of the official libopenmpt component for foobar2000 to update to development state code. My intention was to bring a working product to users, and contribute any changes I may have to the OpenMPT library, or its components, back upstream as is possible.

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Got rid of the Google Ads - September 8, 2017

They were getting on my nerves, not making any useful (paying) amount of money, and they started showing nasty stuff, like MacKeeper and other giant DOWNLOAD button crap. I’ll find better ways of making extra money.

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Cat Scratch - September 8, 2017

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iMac is home - April 3, 2017

CSS finished replacing the display assembly in my iMac. The report indicated “hundreds” of stuck pixels, so I guess I got lucky with the warranty.

My dad figures maybe one in ten people who experience this problem actually have it dealt with, while the rest either put up with it and don’t bother to take it into the shop, or don’t even notice it.

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ESXi in the home - April 2, 2017

On the 10th of March or so, I set about installing VMware ESXi 6.5 on my PC tower, and using the divided resources to replace my previous bare metal Windows installation.

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Situation update - April 2, 2017

It came to my attention some months after I put it back into service, that my Retina 5k iMac had some stuck pixels. And by stuck pixels, I mean a whole shitload of them:

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And now I’m back to WordPress! - June 10, 2016

It’s like I’ve come full circle or something. And I even kept all the old content, including all the crap I banged into the original WordPress blag I had running on AWS hosting, later moved to Google Compute, then on again.

Now it’s still on DigitalOcean. They’ve got great hosting, man.

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