Lovely spam, wonderful spam! Jan 08, 2015   Nothing too out of the ordinary here, a post, and a reply to a post. But something looks out of place here. Looks like a spammer thought they were clever by cross-posting an old post… from an unrelated web forum, so completely out of context of the target forum that it hurts to look at. ...
Some lovely signage from our local Trader Joe’s Oct 14, 2014
Check this shit out Jun 08, 2014 Mudlord’s Shape Stories, which came in 3rd in PC demos in Australia’s Flashback 2014 competition.
Silly Free to Play game ad May 16, 2014 Hey, at least at Big Fish, the silly gamblers aren’t losing any real money, right?
Cat really is Man’s Best Friend May 15, 2014 Needs no explanation.
Ah, remember the good old days? Apr 17, 2014 I know I don’t miss this too much.
Amusing courtroom commentary Apr 08, 2014 This guy says Dee did it. You know, Dee’s Nuts? And everything wrong with the world today? Blame the Internet.