Fuck YouTube again

This is getting to become a trend now. I’m not even allowed to upload a 20 second clip of a movie to make a humorous point without stumbling across copyright blocks. Fuck that noise, they can send me DMCA notices directly if they give two shits about it.

So this is the clip:

I equate Tails82’s typical shitposting behavior to Marv stuffing the drains in the sinks and leaving the water running, as seen in Home Alone. He’s sick, alright.

Fuck Youtube

Seriously, fuck that shit. And fuck CBS, too. Also copyrights. Fuck them, too. If you don’t want someone to copy your ideas, don’t share them with anyone. And certainly don’t have delusions that you could make a living off your ideas. Better to get paid minimum wage flipping burgers, or better still, prove that your dislike of making money is a disability and live off the dole instead.

Here, have a video I tried to upload to YouTube as unlisted, but they took my unlisted privilege away because I stole some advertisement revenue away from CBS.