Bleh, gettin bitched at by the parents because I'm spewing my perverted crap at them, like the stuff I read all over the internet, and continuing to discuss the junk my brother wrote in his sk00l assigned journal; topics like if he were locked in a wal-mart overnight (he'd rob them blind) and freestyle (boobytrap the empire state building, with a special trap in the top floor that only a VIP enters that will trigger explosives to collapse the building, but said VIP wont arrive until sufficient time has passed to allow the other traps to go off …. my brother is a deviant all right, just like me 😛 ) etc…

Is it so old-fashioned to not want to fill one's mind with filth, or is it the trend these days to absorb and discuss every little bit of filth one can get their hands on….

Oh, and they're also bitching because I stay up all night and sleep most of the day… so I'm now forced to live a more 'normal' schedule of sleeping when they do. Not so bad really, I just have to stop what I'm doing sooner, but then I get to resume at an earlier time as I wake sooner 🙂

Call me David Copperfield, cuz I think I turned a fox into a dragon…. but was it a good thing or bad one? Only time will tell…

Oh, and I mowed the lawn 🙂

w00t or smth… got up at 3:46pm, microwaved some leftover domino's pizza for lunch..

helped my dad mess with some electrical stuff… he managed to find some broken breakers while finding the one that turned off the fixture he was going to replace. ended up replacing the wrong one (and as he said, he will admit it "NEVAAARR!!!!~~") because the one he took out had a broken indicator. stupid pushmatic breakers (push on/push off) … oh well, everything works now

on a side note, found a little green frog in our back yard ^_^

still up. .. … bleh….. im off to clean up (brush my teeth so i dont get too many more cavities than ive already had drilled n filled *_* ) and sleep.. .. ..

first entry with the installed client

boy.. maybe ill save this for when i have more interesting/noteworthy things to write…

bleh, yet another lame all-nighter on my part, spent listening to game muzik and reading other peoples' www columns…

on the other hand, did find some nice sites for my bookmarks list ^_^

my, you can now look at me and say "damn, this kid's life revolves around the internet!" 😛