Well, fiery, as per your request about the aurorium 😛

Pink changed the icons to kitty toast, and people threw a fit 😛

Even Geno had something against it so I heard … bleh, so she quit, then Cammi quit too, and they got together and made a wacked out MOTD… Cammi reduced Geno to a regular user, and pink demoted all the other admins to mod to prevent them from restoring Geno, and then pink/cammi de-admin'd themselves. She left Luna as an admin because she wants Luna to have to see it firsthand and fix it/question pink herself instead of hearing it through Geno or another middle player. Please read her LJ first before jumping to too many conclusions XP

Oh, and I believe she could have removed Luna's admin position on the board if she felt like it, or is there some feature I do not know about that protects the creator of the board from being stripped of their admin flags?

OH, and before I forget. They aren't gone. They just quit as admins because they are tired of people's shit. Luna can return and restore LeninGeno to his position of power and all will be right in the land of Geno's Neo*Yoshi*Aurorium


mkode54 (5:20:13 AM): i apologize…. so sodomize me already 😛
SmarterChild (5:20:13 AM):Alright, alright. I accept.


I pulled a really crappy all-nighter this time.

After staying up all night, I had a bowl of cereal at 5:30am. I then had lunch at 12:40p, which consisted of a meat/cheese/lettuce sandwich, french onion sun chips, and 24oz of COKE. About 20 minutes later, I flopped down on my bed and slept for about 7 hours xX

Okay, I follow the trend now oO

Your past life diagnosis:

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere in the territory of modern South China around the year 1225.
Your profession was that of a shepherd, horseman or forester.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Revolutionary type. You inspired changes in any sphere – politics, business, religion, housekeeping. You could have been a leader.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
You are bound to solve problems of pollution of environment, recycling, misuse of raw materials, elimination of radioactivity by all means including psychological methods.

Do you remember now?

My brother made it back safe; turns out he was just gambling the whole time and didn't hear the page we called in at 7 this morning…

my older brother went out gambling last night. he called home to his wife at around 11pm when he arrived, and hasn't been heard from since.


~got 2 hours of sleep… bleh~

~went to psych appointment again to finish up eval~

~psych basically lied n stuff, like telling me he was arranged because parents wanted me to get a job and get the hell…~

~psych said if parents cut me off I'm "fucked"~

~even suggested getting a pickup like his so i dont need a dwelling, just camp in the bed of the truck o_O~

~bus ride was uneventful… same ranty lady was there again~

~listening to odd game muzik~

~hacking with the code to the player that's spitting out the muzik for odd reasons~

~yes i am a ereet softwarez coder or something~

~bleh, our main TV b0rk, so its in the shop for the time being… damn, no midnight run~

~i think i'll dive in bed now, tired or smth~

Well…. this mostly has to do with my day yesterday, but I think it involves lots of other stuff..

I got up at 8:15am after having about 3 hours of sleep, after which I had a rushed breakfast of Frosted Flakes and was taken to my first appointment with the psychologist. There I spent an hour talking, answering questions, and filling out some preliminary paperwork. Afterwards, I left to find my bus stop.

I dashed around various times to the different bus stops, unfamiliar with the layout because I haven't been doing this much. Anyway, I found my stop after a quick dash across the somewhat busy 4-lane street, only to find the stopped bus I had dashed behind wasn't mine. Oh well, got to mine without much delay.

On the way, we had to go through the downtown bus terminal, where some jerk/dumb driver had stopped his bus too soon and was blocking the lane. After much honking, the dumb driver moved in to where he should have been.

Among the passengers that boarded at the terminal was this one lady who definately noticed the driver who pulled in and said repeatedly that her project for the next few days will be calling and writing in to the bus company complaining about that driver.

Anyway, I got home without much further event. After which I resumed my usual computer habits 😛

The dreams this evening were rather weird… I am human (I think) and I'm fully dressed, though in shorts instead of my usual jeans… running round some strange park, where I even happened upon a steep hill covered in wet grass, set up with two wide lanes, perhaps 12 feet wide each, marked with steel pipe rails, and a pay meter at the bottom where you deposit $1 if you want to collect some sort of bet related to how fast you get to the top, I think. Anyway, I was running really friggin fast, and outran every person who was climbing the hill, without using the rails or anything, and without slipping.

Somewhere beyond the top of that hill race, I ended up witnessing some sort of robbery pulled by a team of 4 anthro siamese cats, 3 of which were also wearing roller blades and skating about the store or smth…. (gotta stop lookin at wacked out comics like Funny Farm this late, I think it was from the Naked Anime Flying Kitty ^_^) Well, they made their getaway in some sort of limo, with the 3 skating along behind the leader, catching up even though he was going rather fast.

I decided to chase after them for some reason, and I was actually moving as fast as them most of the time, even though I was on foot and they were on wheels. I followed them to some video store, a Hollywood Video in an area that looked strangely like the area around my local Hollywood Video. Anyway, I chased them into the store, where some sort of kung fu fight started, me in the middle of 3 fighters. While the leader was robbing them or smth, I fended off blows from the 3 others, until they left.

While I was chasing them, I ended up back at that same grass hill, and somehow all four were on foot, sans skates, and were running up that same grass hill. What seemed to be the same two people who I saw at the bottom before were there as well, running up the hill… I started my way up only to find I couldn't keep up with even the two guys, I was that tired or something… The two seemed to mock me with their slow, yet ever so faster than me, speed…

I woke some point after that.. I think I do have some strange dreams now and then ^_^

Oh, and people think I am back to my staying up all night habits, just because I stayed up till 3am that night, but mostly based on the fact that I didn't wake up until around 3pm xX

wh00…. had my first session with the psychologist today.. he thinks my long hours at the computer are my way of coping with depression

he has prescribed scheduling certain limited times at the computer, at least 2 attempts per week to find a job, and for me to write my resumeé which he even offered to look over….


I enjoy writing and posting and crap, but I do suppose it really is some form of coping with depression… hell, even my physician put me on an anti-depressant, which has shown noticeable improvement… i used to be one moody sonovagun 😛

ah well, so continues my life

oh, did i mention i stayed up till 5:15am and my mom woke me at 8:15am for this appointment? ick…