Disney Thanksgiving Banquet

I ate like a pig. Then I had the screaming shits. Twice. Then I barfed my guts out. Then I had the screaming shits again. My gut still hasn’t settled, either.

EDIT: I just threw up again.

EDIT: More screaming shits and vomiting in alternating waves. Food poisoning sucks.

EDIT: More and more of that, and I went to the hospital. It wasn’t Disney’s food. It was only their fault in that they were a huge mass of people who could pass this virus on to other people, but it only spreads orally or rectally, not airborne, and not a result of contaminated food. The hospital did say they treated four people before me for the same thing, and that was just UCI Medical Center.

Author: Chris

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2 thoughts on “Disney Thanksgiving Banquet”

  1. My condolences, I’ve been searching this site for how to contact you but this seems like the only option.
    So, with your foobar2000 7-zip support plugin, is it possible to get “Open Containing Folder” option enabled? It’s a bit frustrating that it doesn’t work, so I end up unzipping everything.

  2. As I e-mailed you, post on the foobar2000 forum, as this is likely a core issue and not an issue with my component. The archive service structure does not provide an interface for this. I suspect that the core internally handles this and only opens the containing folder for file:// paths. Please put in a feature request to support archive:// paths that resolve to an archive on a file:// path.

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