yippie fuck, I get to go to a fucking group workshop shit at the local county mental health care facility, aren't I a lucky SOB…

Yeah, people think I need help just because I'm 19 and would rather sit on my ass in front of my computer all day instead of tearing off of it for 8 hours a day to become a fricking automaton. Just because I need the money does not mean I will work for it. Oh, and the fact that I never go out to … do who the fuck knows with who goddamn knows who … perhaps I should go outside and find the nearest street gang and spend a few hours a day leaning against a wall and looking menacing, or swearing pointlessly, or perhaps smoking a bowl. Yay. Then at least I'd be "socializing" with my "peers."

Author: Chris

I program software in various computer languages, lately C and C++.

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  1. street gangs are not fun, let’s just stay inside

    i’m not an outdoorsy or social, really, either. but it’s all good, yknow 🙂 group workshops do fun, i’d rather do things on my own. i guess it stems from the fact that i hate feeling reliant on other people. but i’m sorry you have to do that if you dont want to 🙁 *snugs*

  2. i only work because i’d get kicked out otherwise.
    we must find a way to get rich from the ‘net, Kuroshi.
    WE MUST.

    They can KEEP their b0wls.
    I R B L33TR THNA W33D.

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