WhiteShadow47 (6:57:47 PM): wow u r on a lot
WhiteShadow47 (6:57:59 PM): do u play online games?
WhiteShadow47 (6:59:11 PM): whatever
WhiteShadow47 signed off at 6:59:16 PM.

Yes, I do play online games. And yes, I try to keep my messenger clients logged in whenever my machine is on, which is usually 24/7. That does not mean that I am awake 24/7. I will keep this one off ignore for the time being, as he is little more than a minor annoyance.

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I program software in various computer languages, lately C and C++.

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        1. Re: XD

          Oh, so you’re familiar with “Capsew” … I think this is indeed “it” although I am unsure. Not that it matters, I can just expand my block list another notch.

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