2 thoughts on “Cat really is Man’s Best Friend”

  1. Apologies for leaving an off-topic post in an off-topic comment (tee hee), but I had, at one point, a patch for DUMB that fixed it so that client code could specifically ask for a given pattern to be played next, trumping whatever was in the pattern table. This opened up, among other things, the possibility of inserting context-sensitive music in a game whilst keeping the same tempo and without having to load a separate file. (Think of how .hack//Infection levels have two versions of the BGM, one that plays during combat, and another that plays whenever the characters are not in immediate danger). It was fairly small in scope.

    Would you consider accepting something like this?

    If so, please let me know, and tell me how best to get it to you. (It was built against 0.93, so it might need refreshing.)

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