Anybody else find this a bit odd?

TYKuni (22:01:48): The number is 56.
mkode54 (22:01:56): what number
TYKuni (22:02:06): I don't think it's a number though.

TYKuni (22:02:11):

Is it a number?

mkode54 (22:02:15): huh?
TYKuni (22:02:43): I'm lost. Can't find the road.
mkode54 (22:02:59): what road?
TYKuni (22:03:13): The road that leads to my house.
mkode54 (22:03:32):

and why would I know where your house is?

TYKuni (22:03:38): Not my house.

TYKuni (22:03:45): Not anymore.

mkode54 (22:03:53): …okay.
TYKuni (22:03:54): My mind is exploding.

TYKuni (22:04:26): When I die, when we all can die it says to visit the STONEHENGE under the fith rock beneath 4 layers of dirt.

TYKuni (22:04:40): Ok I'm going now.

TYKuni (22:04:42): Good bye.