Goin to disneyland now … check into hotel today, go to park tomorrow, stay at hotel one more night, then ill be back tuesday

whee i had to wait until the last minute to post, didnt i?

Okay, screw you IE and Opera… stupid test was Javascript with browser buttons, and both of those two misbehave on system double-clicks. IE makes the button move but doesnt count them into the script. Opera just doesnt move the button on the double-click, thus missing half of my clicks if they exceed the system double-click speed.

Mozilla gets it right 😀

And an excessive 143 if I hover my arm over the mouse while holding it in place with my other hand, and sort of twitch my arm or smth. Yeah, cheating. On a really stupid test. Meh.

Yay, I was overclocking my machine without sufficient cooling, and it waits until hot weather to become unstable… that, or it just gradually fused something … wtf. Anyway, it was really hot, and now that I'm back at my old default settings, it's benchmarking slower than it was when I originally ran it at spec. Joy, I guess I damaged something.

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I support and use 's client.

And even though he may be making a rather hasty decision, and also pissing a lot of people off, I still must give credit for bringing the Windows client up to where it is now, and for having provided the base for 's client.