WhiteShadow47 (4:18:36 PM): hello?
WhiteShadow47 (4:18:58 PM): who is this ?
WhiteShadow47 (4:23:15 PM): hello?
WhiteShadow47 (4:42:19 PM): plz tell me u name
WhiteShadow47 (4:42:34 PM): u know i wont stop bugging till u do
WhiteShadow47 (4:42:38 PM): hahah
WhiteShadow47 (4:43:00 PM): i bet u leaved ur comp on and u whent somewhere
WhiteShadow47 (4:43:16 PM): how stupid
WhiteShadow47 (4:43:29 PM): :'( talk
WhiteShadow47 (4:43:37 PM): i must know now
WhiteShadow47 (4:43:51 PM): u got me thinking who u r
WhiteShadow47 (4:44:00 PM): now i have to know
WhiteShadow47 (4:44:04 PM): tell me
WhiteShadow47 (4:45:15 PM): y
WhiteShadow47 (4:45:46 PM): do something
WhiteShadow47 (4:45:49 PM): come on
WhiteShadow47 (4:53:16 PM): well well well
WhiteShadow47 (4:53:22 PM): no talk
WhiteShadow47 (4:53:29 PM): thats is something
WhiteShadow47 (4:53:35 PM): will i have to go
WhiteShadow47 (4:53:51 PM): mmm i will find out who u r

How quaint… Appropriate image added by me, by the way. Oh yes, and a final note, those timestamps are local time, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT – 7h), and I was asleep from about 1:30pm to about 9:00pm. Also, the messages were locked under an accept dialog because I do not have this genius added to my list. I guess he enjoys one-sided conversations. Oh, damn. By posting this here, he now knows he also received the attention he so desired in messaging yet another unknown.

Before I finish, I'd also like to know who this "u" person is and why he wants to "r" them…

Whoah, weird sleep cycle, with some equally weird dreams …

Parts of it were like the first person shooter I was playing briefly last night, leveled skills that increase with time, scope weapons …

At one point, I was downtown in my local city, and looking for a way home, and I even bumped into my family, who was downtown at the time… they pointed me not to go through this one neighborhood, as it was new or something.

Later, I'm witnessing (and probably guarding) this ceremony involving some leader who looked very much like Castro deploying some remotely controllable missile platform for the UN or something weird… and someone tampered with it and fired missiles before it was deployed. They even launched the observation units (some remote controlled vehicles with camera equipment for monitoring .. whatever) at a US Naval ship or whoever owned the large carrier ship … said leader Castro or whoever looked rather astonished.

Then I woke up … ah well, time for dinner. Later, kiddies.