He burst out of the shell, his back, then wings…black, mechanical wings, demonic…hideous…covered in shimmering black oil and coolant…blood.

The wild-haired man spread his arms to encompass it, and whispered,

"My masterpiece."

Eyes wide and beady, a slow chuckle started within his false, black metal heart, forged and designed in secrecy underground for centuries. It grew into a laugh. Then a maniac cackle.

"MY GREATEST CREATION OF ALL TIME!!! COWER BEFORE MY GREATNESS!!! YOU WON'T ESCAPE!!! …I made a mistake before…but now, I will finish the job. I WILL WIN!!!"

X could only stare, the purest vision of mechanical hell glimmering in his eyes.


Pink sure has some interesting away messages


To: Kuroshi

i will lick your dead corpse until it grows stiff with desire. know this, for I am the necromantic enchantress… I feast on your blood.

-Kaisho Irie Tatsu

Meant to post this this morning, but LJ was down most of the day… posted to intended time… Anyway, here goes:

lets type the fun you can have during and after a run of 17 hours of sleep!

(going to sleep around 3pm on sunday and waking at about 7:45am monday)

dreams with weird stuff… some i forget now, others like some bizarre comic i "read" in the dream, like some jumpstart based thing ….

first panel was like one of the kids facing away, with what looks like some older woman's head captioned like "i was born with my mother's head" and a panel or so along, her facing readers, with longer neck and with a head more her age, but still weird looking "but then I bought megaman's head!" (WTF!) or something else odd… i forget the rest now oO

Oh yeah, and I remember now …. lots of parts before that…. For some reason I was carrying some sort of outdoor air conditioner compressor unit around…. while the fan was still blowing o_O …. and later it was starting to fall apart or what, and people were looking at me or smth ….


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Perfect Anime For (Me?)
# 1 Fushigi Yuugi
# 2 Magic Knight Rayearth
# 3 Sailor Moon
# 4 Ayashi No Ceres
# 5 Cardcaptor Sakura
# 6 Clover
# 7 Ranma 1/2
# 8 Sakura Wars
# 9 Tenchi Muyo/Universe/In Tokyo
# 10 Ah My Goddess!
# 11 Angelic Layer
# 12 Digi Charat
# 13 Gundam Wing
# 14 Sorcerer Hunters
# 15 The Slayers
# 16 Utena
# 17 Video Girl Ai
# 18 Excel Saga
# 19 Kodomo No Omocha
# 20 Those Who Hunt Elves
# 21 X/1999
# 22 Gunsmith Cats
# 23 Marmalade Boy
# 24 His & Her Circumstances
# 25 Initial D

Maybe I'll buy it once I have a DVD player

Card Captor Sakura personality selector
# 1 Tsukishiro Yukito
# 2 Cerebus/Kero-chan
# 3 Kinomoto Sakura
# 4 Kinomoto Fujitaka
# 5 Li Syaoran
# 6 Mizuki Kaho
# 7 Kinomoto Nadesico
# 8 Kinomoto Touya
# 9 Mihara Chiharu
# 10 Sasaki Rika
# 11 Yue
# 12 Daidouji Tomoyo
# 13 Hiiragizawa Eriol
# 14 Ruby Moon/Nakuru
# 15 Clow Reed
# 16 Spinel Sun/Suppi-chan
# 17 Yanagisawa Naoko
# 18 Daidouji Sonomi
# 19 Terada Yoshiyuki
# 20 Yamazaki Takashi

you son of a bitch LJ …. I spent 20 minutes adding the links to various character profiles for this one in the editor, and it gives me this crap about how it can't connect to the server, try again later…. no resubmit, and it didn't drop me back to the editor; it just dropped my changes in the sh*t can and returned to the post box …. I can't be arsed to redo all of this bloody mess…. rar…

Tenchi Muyo character selector
# 1 Ryo-Ohki
# 2 Yosho/Katsuhito
# 3 Mihoshi
# 4 Washu
# 5 Tenchi
# 6 Ryoko
# 7 Sasami/Tsunami
# 8 Nobuyuki
# 9 Aeka
# 10 Azaka & Kamidake
# 11 Azusa
# 12 Kagato


Trigun charachter selector
# 1 Legato Bluesummers
# 2 Milly Thompson
# 3 Vash the Stampede
# 4 Meryl Stryfe
# 5 Rem Saverem
# 6 Midvally the Hornfreak
# 7 Millions Knives
# 8 Brilliant Dynamites Neon
# 9 Dad Nebraska
# 10 Kuroneko-Sama
# 11 Nicholas D. Wolfwood
# 12 Mom Nebraska


Outlaw Star character selector
# 1 Aiasha
# 2 Gillian
# 3 Melfina
# 4 Harry McDougal
# 5 Ron McDougal
# 6 Suzuka
# 7 Fred Luo
# 8 Jim Hawking
# 9 Gene Starwind
# 10 Hilda

…whatever…. rar… and the freaking results page had an ad button for free condoms …… stupidheads.

Belief System selector

1 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (100%) &nbsp Click here for info
2 Jehovah's Witness (84%) &nbsp Click here for info
3 Bahá'í Faith (82%) &nbsp Click here for info
4 Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (81%) &nbsp Click here for info
5 Reform Judaism (76%) &nbsp Click here for info
6 Sikhism (68%) &nbsp Click here for info
7 Liberal Quakers (66%) &nbsp Click here for info
8 Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (61%) &nbsp Click here for info
9 Unitarian Universalism (61%) &nbsp Click here for info
10 Orthodox Judaism (60%) &nbsp Click here for info
11 Islam (55%) &nbsp Click here for info
12 Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (52%) &nbsp Click here for info
13 Orthodox Quaker (50%) &nbsp Click here for info
14 New Thought (40%) &nbsp Click here for info
15 Eastern Orthodox (38%) &nbsp Click here for info
16 Roman Catholic (38%) &nbsp Click here for info
17 Neo-Pagan (35%) &nbsp Click here for info
18 Seventh Day Adventist (34%) &nbsp Click here for info
19 New Age (32%) &nbsp Click here for info
20 Hinduism (30%) &nbsp Click here for info
21 Jainism (29%) &nbsp Click here for info
22 Mahayana Buddhism (28%) &nbsp Click here for info
23 Scientology (28%) &nbsp Click here for info
24 Theravada Buddhism (27%) &nbsp Click here for info
25 Secular Humanism (26%) &nbsp Click here for info
26 Taoism (22%) &nbsp Click here for info
27 Atheists and Agnostics (13%) &nbsp Click here for info

Whoah… dead on… I am LDS, but have been inactive for over a year.

Upon pink's suggestion, c/p'd to my LJ.

Wow, Zephlic, I thought you were just a tad rude before…

but after reading your LJ, I see you are quite the arrogant bastard. Good for you that you only share your pathetic life with your snot-nosed friends. Not like I would want to read that shit anyway, but did you know not everyone checks their profile every day to see who has vanished from their Friends-of list, and I know I am not speaking for my own profile, but all I see is asshole written all over your journal. Yes, I know it is YOUR JOURNAL, but you seem to radiate that beyond your journal.

Please do not make me a part of your clique. You clearly have a way with people, judging by how well you can bitch people out in your few public posts, and I heard you may have become an admin, with little or no qualifications other than you are really good at flaming people out.


There, can I be an admin now too? Huh?

Oh, and a slight amendment…. For some damn reason, I actually want to read some of your entries, out of morbid curiosity o.O

Wow, I keep seeing all kinds of shit flying each and every way all over LJ …. such arrogance over friendships. Guilt and hate by association really sucks, people. Are we really this petty and spiteful?

Please feel free to reply as this, like all my previous entries, is open to public replies. And if anyone cares, I have not made any private or friends-only entries yet… as if I care who reads what I post here.

YAY! I just got a Taxi-sexed Hot Dog on Taxi Kitty*toast, topped with HP Sauce, with a 24oz glass of Jolt Cola